About this blog

Hi, Patrice here.

18158021_1654894541204577_7056537155165171642_nI’m currently pursuing a PhD. So yes, you’ll ultimately have to put the “Dr.” in front of that or I probably won’t respond (insert nail polish emoji). My research interests surround black women and their experience in higher education. Vague maybe, but so is my handle on life. I’m entering year two, technically, as I’ve transferred from the program I was initially in. You can read all about that in my “Why I’m Leaving my HBCU” post.

If you’re wondering about the blog name, take a look at this. Here at this blog, you’ll get all the tea on how I navigate the crossroads of university life, black womanhood, “boujee” tendencies, my relationship to religion/spirituality/Jesus, and general blackity blackness. And hopefully, you’ll chuckle and take a note or two. My goal is to share. Connect. Inspire.

I love my black sisters. I dedicate this space to Us. Because as history would point out, if we don’t carve out these spaces, they’d never exists.

You should see a new post here every Sunday. Welcome to my blog. May all your boujeeratchademic needs be fulfilled in these web pages.

Here’s a post with more about me personally


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