• I’m a PhD student, in Atlanta *insert eyeroll* the most boujee and ratchet of places in one combo that I’ve ever had the “privilege” of residing
  • My research investigates black women and their experience in higher education. 
  • I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY from a faux-bourgeois neighborhood where people actually have garages and drive ways. If you know anything about New York City, you know a drive way is a big deal.
  • I procrastinate. My time management skills are poo. I love to start projects that don’t finish themselves. I’m outspoken and shy. I have it all together and I’m a mess.
  • 2017 is the first year I’ve had for real resolutions and this blog is one of them. A goal I’ve been putting off for years.. what’s that? Procrastination?
  • I’m a perfectionist. For this reason I’m going to feel like nothing I present is A1 according to my standards, but I’m learning to just DO. Otherwise this blog project would still be a figment of my imagination.

Enjoy me.